Taking part in a webinar

How it works

Webinars are free of charge and take place on the net using the e-meeting tool Adobe Connect. You do not need to download any programs, Adobe Connect is completely web-based. Everyone who is interested in the webinar’s subject are welcome to attend. Everyone who registers for the webinar will receive an e-mail with the address to the webinar room one or two days before the event. It is essential that you register for the webinar since the meeting room has a limited capacity.

Most of our webinars last one hour and consist of presentations from guest speakers followed by questions and discussion. Only the presenters and the moderator have video and audio activated. As participant you can see and hear the speakers and can choose how much you want to participate. You can simply watch and listen to the webinar or you can ask questions, share your knowledge and discuss with other participants in the chat window.

The whole webinar – both presentations and the chat session – is recorded and is then available on our web site afterwards. This enables as many people as possible to participate and listen to the presentations. We also hope that you will use the chat session to give links to interesting projects, initiatives and relevant articles that may benefit the discussion. The chat can then be a valuable source of further reading.

Here you can see a recorded webinar and see how it works. Click on the link (it may take half a minute or so to start):

To get started with Adobe Connect:


And some films about Adobe Connect:



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